Mack McCarter

Mack McCarter has been on a journey to impact the world his entire life, and he has. A native of Shreveport, Louisiana, McCarter believes that “cities rest on a foundation of relationships. When relationships disintegrate, a city begins to sink.” Returning to Shreveport in 1991, he was devastated by the condition of his beloved city. Crime, child neglect, domestic abuse, gun violence, high unemployment and racial intolerance were brimming over. McCarter vowed to make a difference and save his city, so he started Community Renewal, an organization that connects neighbors and returns communities to places of friendship and support. Community Renewal is now a national and international program. The results are dramatic, changing people lives and rebuilding communities. McCarter received the 2018 award for Citizen of the Year at the National Conference on Citizenship in Washington D.C. 

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