Quinton Martins

Quinton Martins

Quinton Martins, Ph.D., is the Founding Partner of the African safari company True Wild and the Principal Investigator of Living with Lions, a community conservation project centered around the mountain lion population in the San Francisco North Bay. 

Martins is the former founder and CEO of the Cape Leopard Trust, a successful predator conservation NGO based in South Africa. He has 30 years of field experience working in wilderness areas throughout much of Africa, Saudi Arabia and the USA. 

From specialist safari guiding, leading a scorpion collecting expedition for the Smithsonian Institution in the desert of Namibia, to mist-netting birds in central African rainforests, Martins has been studying predators since 2003. 

Martins completed his Ph.D. “The Ecology of Leopards in the Cederberg Mountains, South Africa” through the University of Bristol, U.K. in 2010 and is considered a leading expert on large wild cats.

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