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Hampton Sides

For those who love the research, writing, and presentation styles of Erik Larson and David Grann, you will be as thrilled as we are that bestselling author Hampton Sides will join us in April!

In his much-anticipated new epic, The Wide Wide Sea, Sides wrestles with Captain James Cook’s complex and controversial legacy and provides a thrilling narrative of the herculean efforts and continual danger that characterized exploration in the 1700s. How did Cook, a dedicated scientist and unique among captains for his respect for Indigenous peoples and cultures, come to be killed in a conflict with native Hawaiians?

‌Sides is renowned for his gripping stories depicting epic battles and expeditions of exploration. Packed with drama and moral complexity, his books are both a vivid look back in time and an insightful examination of themes broadly relevant today.

At once a ferociously-paced story of adventure on the high seas and a searching examination of the challenges and consequences of the Age of Exploration, The Wide Wide Sea, released April 9, is a significant new work from one of our finest narrative nonfiction writers.

Sides’ other best-selling histories include In the Kingdom of Ice, recounting the heroic polar voyage of the U.S.S. Jeannette during the Gilded Age; Ghost Soldiers about a daring rescue mission in WWII; On Desperate Ground, a harrowing accounting of the Korean War’s greatest battle; and Blood and Thunder, a riveting narrative of the 20-year battle for control of Navajo country. Sides’ 2010 book, Hellhound On His Trail, about the international manhunt for the MLK, Jr. assassin James Earl Ray, was the basis for the acclaimed PBS documentary, Roads to Memphis, for which Sides served as historical consultant.

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