Ker Gibbs

Ker Gibbs

The U.S.-China relationship is the most consequential relationship of the 21st century, and also one of the most complex. Our countries seem locked in conflict, mainly regarding national security and human rights, yet Western multinationals are unwilling to withdraw from what is still the largest growth market in the world for many products. Mr. Gibbs will discuss his new book, Selling to China: Stories of Success, Failure, and Constant Change, which contains essays written by the China CEOs of major foreign companies.

China has undergone tremendous change in the last few years, driven by a leader with his own view of entrepreneurs,  state-owned enterprises, and foreign companies, often invoking ideas not heard since China’s disastrous Cultural Revolution of the 1960s.

Beijing’s threats against Taiwan have to be taken seriously, but there are various ways a conflict could play out, or be avoided. Mr. Gibbs will suggest a different way to view the issues in Taiwan and the South China Sea, possibly drawing ire from both sides of the debate.

Mr. Gibbs is an insider who spent more than two decades living and working in China, and met often with government officials in Beijing and Washington. Mr. Gibbs will discuss the recent changes and implications for American companies and the future of the US-China relationship.

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