Ker Gibbs

Ker Gibbs

The U.S.-China relationship is the most consequential relationship of the 21st century, and also one of the most complex. Our countries seem locked in conflict, mainly regarding national security and human rights, yet Western multinationals are unwilling to withdraw from what is still the largest growth market in the world for many products. Gibbs will discuss his new book, Selling to China: Stories of Success, Failure, and Constant Change, which contains essays written by the Chinese CEOs of major foreign companies.

Gibbs joins us in Sonoma to share insights about the extraordinary changes in the world’s second-largest economy. He will discuss Xi Jinping’s policy changes that erased a trillion dollars from the stock market, the diminishing prospects for foreign companies, and the alarming prospect of open conflict between the US and China. His analysis promises a rare, balanced, perspective on this complex geopolitical landscape. 

Beijing’s threats against Taiwan have to be taken seriously, but there are various ways a conflict could play out, or be avoided. 

Gibbs is an insider who spent more than two decades living and working in China, most recently serving as President of the American Chamber of Commerce. He is currently an Executive in Residence with the China Business Studies Initiative at the University of San Francisco and a member of the National Committee on US-China Relations.  

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