Kristin Carlucci

Kristin Carlucci

Once called “Washington’s ultimate survivor” by The Washington Post, Frank Carlucci served six presidents and ultimately rose to prominence as Deputy Director of the CIA and as Secretary of Defense for President Reagan. If you remember the lore that Presidents Kennedy, Nixon, Ford and Reagan all used the summoning phrase, “Get Me Carlucci,” when big problems cropped up in the White House, you won’t want to miss hearing debut author Kristin Carlucci talk about her father’s extraordinary and impactful career.

Get Me Carlucci combines Carlucci’s own words with interviews from his contemporaries and context from his daughter. Starting with Carlucci’s childhood and early military days, through his years helping define America’s Cold War policy as Deputy Director of the CIA and National Security Advisor, the book is a unique look at the wide-ranging career of one of the twentieth century’s most important behind-the-scenes actors.

Kristin Carlucci grew up in McLean, Virginia, and attended Duke and Johns Hopkins, focusing on international affairs and public policy. After working in policy research, including stints at the Rand Institute, she returned to Washington, DC in 2020.

Before his death in 2018, Frank Carlucci completed a draft of his memoir, which serves as the basis for Get Me Carlucci: A Daughter Recounts her Father’s Legacy of Service.

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