Damon West

Damon West’s memoir The Change Agent: How a Former College QB Sentenced to Life in Prison Transformed His World tells the harrowing story of his sentence to 65 years in a Texas prison after being convicted of drug-related crimes after a lifetime of addiction, and the heartwarming story of his recovery. His second book, The Coffee Bean, co-authored with best-selling author Jon Gordon, became an instant bestseller.

While working on Wall Street, Damon was introduced to methamphetamine. Inevitably, he was arrested on drug-related charges. Or, as he refers to it, he was not “arrested” so much as he was “rescued.” During his 7-year stint behind bars, Damon vowed to turn his life around. He earned an MS in Criminal Justice and works for a law firm in Texas. He regularly speaks to students and athletes about the dangers of drugs and the consequences of bad decisions. His story has been featured both nationally and globally.

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