Join us at SVAF360:
Sonoma Valley Virtual Authors Festival 2024

Watch on demand
May 20 - June 17

For Festival in-person attendees:
Complimentary SVAF360 tickets will be provided to 2024 Festival in-person attendees. You are all set to enjoy the SVAF360 Virtual Festival - you will receive an email on May 20 with access details.

Purchasing Gift Tickets:
Please see this note on how to purchase gift tickets.

If you could not join in Sonoma, participate in SVAF360:
More than 20 presentations from the 2024 Sonoma Valley Authors Festival will be available virtually so you can share these world-class authors and the joy of lifelong learning with your family and friends.

Ticket price $60

Experience insightful lectures and presentations by prominent authors and thought leaders, as they divulge their wisdom, provoke meaningful discussions, and nurture your creative spirit. Encounter a diverse array of subjects, from fiction and non-fiction to technology, science, and medicine.

Speaker roster subject to change.

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