Yiyun Li

In the realm of contemporary literature, one name shines with a luminosity that defies categorization, and that name is Yiyun Li. A literary sorceress, she weaves words with a spellbinding finesse that draws readers into the intricate tapestries of her storytelling. Yiyun Li will discuss her latest masterpiece, “Wednesday’s Child” a portal to a world of profound emotions, intricate relationships, and the delicate dance of time.

With each stroke of her pen, Yiyun Li conjures characters so vivid, they breathe on the page, and narratives so intricate, they defy easy classification. “Wednesday’s Child” is not merely a book; it is a journey—a journey through the corridors of the human soul, where the shadows of the past and the promises of the future intermingle in a symphony of suspense and revelation.

Prepare to be captivated, as Yiyun Li’s prose beckons you to explore the hidden crevices of the human experience, where hope and despair entwine in a thrilling narrative. “Wednesday’s Child” is not just a book; it is an odyssey, an invitation to traverse the complex terrains of the heart and mind, and to emerge on the other side, forever changed by the magic of Yiyun Li’s storytelling.

“Wednesday’s Child showcases Li’s gift for dialogue and her deep understanding of human connection … Compassion, coupled with Li’s gorgeous prose and painstaking attention to detail, is what makes these stories so beautiful, so accomplished. This is a perfect collection by a writer at the top of her game, and a heart-wrenching look at how loss changes not only the bereaved, but their entire existence” —Michael Schaub, NPR

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